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Thank you letter

We often receive thank you letters from patients whom we have helped. Here is a selection of these! There are alot more!

Anna-Karin A., with recurrant miscarriages! 

"Hi, for exactly one year ago I contacted you to have been through two miscarriages both in week 9. I started treatment with you to strengthen the body and after 10 treatments my body was ready and I got pregnent right away. I choose to take herbs for a couple of more times to protect from recurrent mischarriage during the most critical weeks. 
Sunday the 14/6 our daughter came to this world and I really want to thank you for all the help! I'm convienced that your helped to balance and strengthen my body has resulted in a healthy and full-term pregnancy. Big thank you! 

Kindest regards,
Anna-Karin A.

Malin got pregnant naturally after 7 unsuccessful IVF and got a healthy little boy with the help of herbs! 
Hi Dr. Yang
Now our little boy is here ❤️, he was born yesterday night after starting when I passed 10 days over time. He weighed 3539 g and 51.5 cm long and we will give him the name Viggo which means fighter! Thanks for all the help 🤗 / Malin and Anders

Valters mother got pregnant after herbal treatment and acupuncture.

A.S. gave birth to a long-awaited son! 
Here comes a greeting from us and a big big thank you! This summer came Valter, a prosperous boy of 3200g and 48cm. He is happy most of the time as can be seen in the pictures. Sometime when we are up and greeting in Stockholm, we will try to come by and greet.
Many hugs from A.S  

I just want to thank you for all the help last year. For four days ago we got a wonderful baby girl. Attaching a picture. 

Thank you once again!
P. F. 

J.S., First period in 6 month for a 33 year old girl. 

Just want to let you know that I just finised this round herbal treatment. I have one more bag of herbs left but it is fantastic that I have got my period back this morning. This my first period for very very long time!!! it feel so goo :) 

Greetings, J.S" 

L.L., successful IVF after herbal treatment

I just want to tell you the happy news that the pregnancy is progressing. I am now in week 29. I am so grateful for your help and expertise. As I work on body scanning myself, I have sent a few patients to you. Thank you again :-)

Best regards, L.L" 

A.G., long distance patient whom got pregant 

Want to tell you a happy news to you. We are now pregnant in week 22 :) with a healty and happy little baby. Want to thank you for all previous treatment and a good reception in our process of trying to concieve. We are now eager to meet our little family member in Octorber!" 

AS.H. pregnant after 2 years of involuntary childlessness!

"Hello Dr. Yang,
I came to you last fall for involuntary childlessness and we met for 11 weeks. I got a positive pregnancy test and now I just want to tell you that I am in the 15th week, feel fetal movements and feel good. Thanks for any help!
Now I keep the thumbs up for my friend who I recommended to you.
Good continuation!" 

M.S. gave birth to a son despite thyroid problems!
I don't know if you remember me Dr. Yang, but I got your help in April / May last year to get pregnant. I drank your teas and got acupuncture. A month ago, I gave birth to a strong and healthy little boy.
My pregnancy was really painful because it turned out it was difficult to adjust my levaxine dose (I have my thyroid surgery removed), but my son seems to have no problem with his thyroid.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart when we have finally, finally, got a sibling to our son with your help !!
With kind regards,

N.N. gave birth to a daughter!

"Hi Dr. Yang!
We want this email to express our warmest and greatest thanks to you for your help with treatments that led to that we now have the world's finest baby with us: our little girl came to us 16/2 in 2016.
Without your professional and competent treatments, it would not have been a reality, we are both totally convinced!
You are a star!!"

Med flera misslyckade IVF bakom sig trodde inte IVF doktor att chansen för lycka IVF var låg därför planerade dem in alla tre ägg men överlevde och blev 3 hälsosamma fina bebisar! 

Ailyn got triplets!

"Hi Dr. Yang, Last summer me and my husband were treated with you before we would do an IVF in Turkey. Now we have become a big family - we got triplets. That we succeeded this time we think is your merit - it's your warm We are very grateful for all your help.
Thanks for everything!
Wishing you a nice summer!

Thanks again for all your help!
Every time we look at our three little angels we will think of you.
With kind regards

E.J. quickly got better from their menstration problems

Hey! Now I'm in my eighth day with the herbs and it's going great. I already feel much more alert and less frozen. :) I have just had my period and so far no small bleeding has appeared as they always do otherwise. :)
I feel really happy and am so grateful that I found you.

Sincerely, Emma.

Jenny got a son after 10 IVF failuer

I am 37 and have been trying to get pregnant for the last eight years. What initially seemed so simple turned into a long struggle with much sadness and also resulted in a book I wrote with a friend to ventilate the emotions.
The fertility study showed no errors so we tried with insemination, with no results. As the gender of IVF within the county council was long, we turned to a private clinic. There we did three egg picking and experiments with fresh and frozen embryos, but nothing came. When we had no more attempts left, we had arrived in the county council queue and in January 2012 we did another egg picking. It resulted in a large number of eggs, but the first attempt to restore a fresh one did not go its way. When I then went and waited for my period to insert a new embryo, I discovered that I had become pregnant by natural means. Pregnant for the very first time! But in week eight, in an airplane across the Atlantic on our honeymoon, I got lost and suddenly a new trip had taken place. We kept trying with frozen embryos and suddenly I got pregnant every time, but each time it ended with a miscarriage for about week eight.
In December 2013, I got my fifth miscarriage and was totally broken. For so many years, I had isolated myself from friends and surroundings where pregnancy or children occurred. I was so sorry and felt so much sadness. Like lost myself on the road. Now I couldn't stand anymore. I wanted to give up because I no longer had any hope. My husband and I talked through everything. We had two embryos left in the freezer and if we didn't try again we would regret it, we knew that. So we gave it another chance.
I decided to do something different. Although I had already tried almost everything, I might not have given in to it wholeheartedly. I had tried acupuncture before and got great results from it, but I never gave it a full chance. Plus, because of the miscarriages, I wanted to go to an acupuncturist who also puts needles during a pregnancy, not just until the embryo returns. After much searching, I found Doctor Yang. I looked at the feature with her on TV4, read a lot on her website and compared to other acupuncturists. Then I decided. I would go there.
I often felt "cold" in the womb, had a lack of energy after years of grief and trials and a job where I was stressed quite a lot. I started with weekly treatments at Doctor Yang and also started drinking the herbal tea that I cooked on what she mixed to me. She advised me not to stress, to rest much, to keep me warm and to eat iron. I listened and really took it to me. I slowed down at work, ate a lot more nutritionally and tried to keep myself warm. I went on a health week for myself and just rested, exercised calmly and ate well. Treated me to taking care of myself and my body. And after a few weeks, I started to feel a difference inside, I was warmer and a little more relaxed.
In April, I agreed with Doctor Yang that it might be a good time to make another attempt to replace a frozen embryo. The body seemed to be more ready. On April 11, I went to Doctor Yang for a treatment in the morning and then directly to the IVF clinic where we put the embryo back. This was our 12th attempt. It took off and I got pregnant for the sixth time, obviously terrified of miscarriage. I took a few more acupuncture treatments and continued with the tea. The weeks went by and when we got to the IVF clinic in week nine, I was sure of a miscarriage, but in there a heart pecked. I got sick at half-time to quench my mental stress and anxiety and I really took it easy.
And the heart continued to peck and the stomach began to grow. After a few weeks we ended the acupuncture treatment, but I continued drinking the tea throughout my pregnancy. In addition to my huge anxiety, the pregnancy went well, I got a few dips with energy shortages, but then I got a little more strength from the teas.
At the end of December 2014, our son was born, healthy and prosperous. Only a few weeks old he is now beside me. I could never, never think it would go the way, but I am so incredibly happy that we did not give up. Had we not succeeded we would have found new ways in life, but now I try to digest that he is here. I will never regret applying to the world of acupuncture and completing and listening to Dr. Yang's words and advice. I want to thank her with all my heart for all the help! Big, big THANK YOU!
Jenny Andén Angelström "

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