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Dr Minqi Yang

Dr Minqi Yang is often covered by press due to her success in helping many patients. She usually say "The dedication and experience of the doctor determine the result."

TV4 Malou interview Dr Yang and her patients at her talk show Efter 10.  

See how dr Yang helped Peder with lung cancer.  

See health magazine "Måbra" article about Jenny whom got pregnant naturally after 10 uncessful IVD 

DR. Minqi Yang was interviewed by tidningen E-Health where she explains about how Chinese Medicin and treatment can help people to regain health.  Read the pdf.

Annika Persson was saved from severe Whiplash!

She was a 32 year old patient from Öland who suffered a whiplash. The purpose of the article was that Annika wanted to inform people with whiplash injury that there is help. Prior to the treatment at the clinic, Annika took 36 tablets each day. She had also tested all kinds of therapies including acupuncture, but she did not get any better. At the first visit, Annika came to the clninic in a wheelchair with her mother. After 10 treatments she was able to drive home to Kalmar on her own.

Jenny Nilson, ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet in Sweden, had almost given up the hope of having children before she came to Dr. Yang. With the help of Dr. Yang, she is now mother of two children.

Anna did several IVF and three miscarriages before she came to Dr Minqi Yang.

Malin did 7 IVF without success and got pregnant naturally.

Martinas take away from 5 failed IVFs to mother of 2 boys. 

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