How it works

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We can help you no matter where you are

How it works

Our ultimate goal is to prepare your body and the mind for fertility.

We will start with mapping of your imbalance that causes you to have a lower fertility than normal. We then custom make treatments for you to boost your fertility and your general health.

The treatment mean we apply is traditional Chinese herbal medicine. For women between 30-40 years old a course of treatment is usually 10 weeks. During the 10 weeks women normally experience that their menstrational issue, energy level and the mood is significantly improved.

The treatment can start anytime in your menstrational cycle as we will adjust the herbs accordingly.

All communication is Online based and the herbs will be send to you.
If you wish to meet us, welcome to visit  DrYang´s clinic.

Treatment process

Step 1

Provide us information about you

We will send you a detailed web questionnaire of approx. 100 questions. Answer those questions and submit the information back to us. 

Step 2

We get back to you with diagnoses and a treatment plan suggestion

We will explain to you by email what imbalance you have, how we believe it can be restored and advice you in what food you can eat improve your fertility.

Step 3

Herbs send to you

Personlized herbal recept will be perscribed according to your diagnoses. Herbs will and send to you. 

Step 4

Follow up

After 10 days of herbal treatment, you report to us how you feel via the web questionnaire. Based on that, we update and prescribe new herbal recept for you to ever improve your health until you reach the perfect balance. 

For more info about the Chinese herbs or if you wish to meet us

Contact us! 

We can help you no matter where you are