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We are the leading Clinic in the Nordics focusing on natural reproductive health and infertility.
We excel in the clinical practice of all aspects of Chinese medicine, and are well known for our successful approach to a dealing with infertility and reproductive health.

Do you have one or several of the following problems?


Many failed IVF


Poor egg quality


Recurrant misscariages


Low egg reserve


Unexplained infertility

You have come to the right place!
We have solved above problems for more than 250 couples. 

Our Story

In over 10 years we have been studying clinical conditions of infertility patients. This has given us knowledge, insight, and data, which we have used to develop a unique system to improve fertility in women.

90% of our patients between age 30-42 fell pregnant with our help! Over 70% of our patients has passed experiece of many failed IVF:s.

Through our Online Diagnosis System we have helped couples across the world.

About Dr. Minqi Yang

Dr Minqi Yang is a doctor in both western and easter medicine, highly respected by her patients. Her 40 years of experience has given her unique insides about health and disease.

"Almost all patients that canĀ“t concieve have poor general health condition, they just don't know that it also affects their fertility.

Follow me to get advices and tips in improve your health!

The 6 golden criterias for conception

General health condition based on clinical observation of 200+ infertility patients. 


Warm feet

Your feet needs to be warm all time to indicate that the metabolism of your body is good enough.


Good menstration

Menstruation cycle between 28-30 days. No menstruation pain, no blood clots, no lower back pain, bleed a moderate amount, in approximately 4 days. 


Mentaly stable

Womens hormones are highly affected by our moods. Stress and bad moods will lower fertility hormones. 


Stomach functions well

The stomach is responsible for nutrition uptake, which will affect general condition. 


Discharge in limited amount

The discharge should be very little or nothing at all except for ovulation days. Excessive discharge is not a optimum environment for embryo to grow. 


Good energy level

It is important that you have energy. Only when you feel you have enough energy for yourself, you will then have energy to carry a child.

How it works

We use our unique Online Diagnostic Analysis System to identify the patient's specific IM-BALANCE of their general health condition.  

We then tailor make a herbal medicine recipe to RE-BALANCE the body. The herbal recepie is personlized and matched the specific needs of that patients at that moment.

The personlized recipe is updated every 10 days according to feedback from the patient until they fullfill The 6 Golden Criterias for Conception.

This system has proven to be extremely effective in strengthening the fertility in both women and men.

The result you can expect

Our treatment focused in making you healthy and strong. When you are healthy and strong and mentally in harmony, your egg quality will improve and you will have sufficient energy to carry a child.


Inceased fertility


Protection from misscarriage  


Improved general health 


Mentaly in harmony

Jenny Nilson, Prima ballerina at the Royal Ballet in Sweden, had almost given up the hope of having children. With the help of Dr. Yang, she is now mother of two sons.

Malou at channel 4 interviews Dr Minqi Yang and her patients regarding infertility, skin disease and holistic view of the body.

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