Aid for Involuntary childlessness / Infertility / Pregnancy difficulties / Recurrent miscarriages

90% of infertility couples has got pregnant with our help! Over 70% of our patients constits of those who has done IVF several times without any sucess. After continuous treatment by us for 3 months 90% of them became pregnant.

 Treatment that works!

We have successfully brought more than 200 healthy babies to this world. Most of women whom turn to us has tried everything from IVF, acupuncture, supplements, to hormons, but nothing could help them

In over 10 years we have been stuyding clinical conditions of infertility patients. This has given us knowledge, insight, and data, inwhich we have used to develop a unique system to improve fertility in women. 

Try us and you will feel the difference! 

AlmaNova interviewed Martina about how she got pregnant after 5 failed IVF by the help of Dr Minqi Yang. 

Malin did 7 IVF without success ...

Malou at channel 4 interviews Dr Minqi Yang and her patients regarding infertility, skin disease and holistic view of the body.

Anna did several IVF and three miscarriages before she came to Dr Minqi Yang.

Jenny got pregnant after 10 failed IVF cycles

Our patatient Jenny was interviewed by magazine Hälsa Feb 2016, where she shared how Dr Minqi Yang helped her to get pregnant with herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

We can solve problems that IVF clinic can´t

Here is a list of infertility issues that we can help you to solve when your gynecologist tells you there is nothing more they can do. 

• Many failed IVF's
• Recurrant miscarriages
• Irregular periods
• Poor egg quality
• Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism
• Low AMH value
• Uterus myom of fibroids
• Endometriosis
• Early menopause
• Cyst of the ovaries
• Ovulation disorders
• Strong menstruation pains
• Mental issues such as depression, anxiety or stress. 

Male problem we can help

• Low sperm count

• Poor sperm mobility

• Abnormal morphology

• Low sex drive

Contact us if you can't find your conditions in the list. 

Benefits of our treatment

Our treatment focused on your health, as you are the one who will carry the baby. When you are healthy and strong and you are mentally in harmony, your egg will improve and you will have sufficient energy to carry a child.


U'll get pregnant!

We have proved repeatly that it works for more than 150 times. The success rate is upto 90% for patients that has been treated for more than 3 months. 


No side effects

The goal of our treatment is to increase your health and by that increase your fertility. Therefore it has no side effects, only positive effect on your general health. 


Healthy baby

Mothers health during pregnancy determain the health of the baby. When you are healthy and strong you will natrually produce better egg and your body will have more to give to the baby during pregnancy. 


100% Natural

All our medicamant are natural. We don't use any chemical or hormons in our treatment. Our recepies consist of only herbs therefore it is perfect for vegans. 


Solve your health issue

Many patient has many other health issue eg. cyst, myom, endomestrioses, stomach problem, stress etc. All those conditions will be highly improved many of then even get cured dring the 3 months treatment.  


Mental relife

Infertility is extreemly stressfull and put a lot of pressure on your mental health. Stressed mentally will cause your brain to produce hormones that works against your fertility. Our treatment will help you to calm down so thay your mind can be released from the pressure.

What patients say

I just want to share a good news with you. We are now pregnat in week 22 :) with a healty and energetic little baby. Want to thank you for privouse treatments and a friendly reception in our process of trying to concieve.  Now we eagerly waiting for October to meet out little family member.


Hi Dr. Yang!
With this email we would like to express our warmest and biggest thanks to you for your help with treatments that have led us to have the world's finest baby with us: our little girl came to us on 16/2. Without your professional and competent treatments, it would not have been a reality, we are both totally convinced! You are a star!!

Hi Dr. Yang,
I just have to tell you for myself that I have finally received my period. After all, my treatment ended with you a few weeks ago (10 treatments with tea and acupuncture) and yesterday my period came back for real. Have not had menstruation for over 10 years (without medication at my Ivf treatments) so I am very happy and hope that we can now have a sibling by natural means.

Big thanks again for all your help !!

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Blog by Dr Minqi Yang

Dr Minqi Yang is doctor both western and easter medicine, highly respected by her patients. Read her blog 4 tips in how to improve your fertility by yourself

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