About infertility

About Infertility; IVF failure, Poor Egg Quality, Recurrent miscarriages and Poor sperm health

Have you tried everything from IVF to acupuncture with no success?

You are not alone! 70% of all our patients have had that experience. 
Based on over 200 success cases, we will give you a brief on
why you haven't succeeded yet.

Martina tells her story about going from no egg to becoming a mother of two.

Why can you not get pregnant with IVF?

Most women with pregnancy difficulties also have other overall health problems, such as stomach problem, low basal temperature, hormonel disorder, gynecological problems, fatigue, insomnia, stress or anxiety, etc. All of these problems indicates that the body is imbalanced. When the body is in the imbalance condition the fertility becomes weaker.

What IVF does is to pump your body with hormones. Hormons are signal substances that tells your body to perform a certain task. But when your overall condition is not good enough, it can't keep up with what the hormones command it to do and therefore end in failure. For those that have been through several IVF with no success the stress and anxitey level inceases and conception becomes even harder. 

Our basic premise is that your health is not a constant and can be improved upon. Our treatment aims to restore or improve your health and balance. Once you reach that balanced state your body will enable you to get pregnant naturally or keep up with the hormone treatment you get from IVF. 

Anna became pregnant despite her health problems.

Why you get recurrant miscarriages and Missed abortion?

Early stage misscarriages might occur when the eggs and/or sperm quality are poor and/or your hormones can't raise as fast as the pregnancy requires. Late stage miscarriages/Missed abortion occures when the woman's body does not have sufficient energy and blood to support the baby. 

Miscarriages will always cause damage to the body by losing blood and energy. Therefore, recurrent miscarriages can also cause you to not being able to concieve.  

To restore strength and balance is the way to improving the overall health. Once you reach that balanced state you will be able to carry a Child without recurrant miscarriages. 

Anna-Karin A., with recurrant miscarriages! 

"Hi, for exactly one year ago I contacted you to have been through two miscarriages both in week 9. I started treatment with you to strengthen the body and after 10 treatments my body was ready and I got pregnent right away. I choose to take herbs for a couple of more times to protect from recurrent mischarriage during the most critical weeks. 
Sunday the 14/6 our daughter came to this world and I really want to thank you for all the help! I'm convienced that your helped to balance and strengthen my body has resulted in a healthy and full-term pregnancy. Big thank you!

Kindest regards,
Anna-Karin A.

Poor sperm quality and quantity

The sperm health is highly related to the overall health. Many men don’t realize the importance of sperm health until they are trying to start a family. Disease is not only reason for bad sperm health, certain lifestyle factors like stress and bad food habits can also cause sperm quality and quantity to be poor.

The good thing is that sperm is every sensitive and can be quickly improved by small lifestyle adjustment and herbal medications that boost mens fertility.  

Our fertility coach explains how to you should think to get in the perfect body shape for pregnancy.  

The 6 golden criterias for conception

General health condition based on clinical observation of 200+ infertility patients. 


Warm feet

Your feet needs to be warm all time to indicate that the metabolism of your body is good enough.


Good menstration

Menstrational cycle between 28-30 days. No menstruation pain, no blood clots, no lower back pain, bleed a moderate amount, in maximum 4 days. 


Mentaly stable

Womens hormones are highly affected by our moods. Stress and bad moods will lower fertility hormones. 


Stomach functions well

The stomach is resposible for nutrition uptake, which will affect general condition. 


Discharge in limited amount

The discharge should be very little or nothing at all except for ovulation days. Excessive discharge is not a optimum environment for embryo to grow. 


Good energy level

It is important that you have energy. Only when you feel you have enough energy for yourself, you will then have energy to carry a child.

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