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Gyn issues & reproductive health

You can get pregnant even when you are diagnosed with PCO, Poor egg quality, low AMH level, Endometriosis and other gynecological issue.

Here is a list of infertility problems that we can help you to improve when your gynecologist says there is nothing more they can do

• IVF's or ART failuer
• Recurrant miscarriages
• Poor egg quality
• Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism
• Low AMH value
• PCO and PCOS
• Uterus myom of fibroids
• Endometriosis
• Early menopause
• Cyst of the ovaries
• Irregular menstruation
• Oligo-ovulation 
• Strong menstruation pains
• Mental issues such as depression, anxiety or stress
• Vaginal yeast infection  

Our medicine is extremely effective in treating recurrent gynecological problem

• Recurrent bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidiasis  
• Irregular menstruation
• Mensturational pain 
• Reduce strong menstrual bleeding
• PMS 
• Excessive discharge
• Endometriosis
• Uterus myoma
• Menopausal disorders
• Vaginal yeast infection (see more

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