About low AMH level

Low AMH value (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)

What cause low AMH hormone?

Low in AMH diffrent cause at different age groups

Almost all women who come to us have undergone a fertility investigation. Many of these are low AMH value, which basically indicates that fertility is weak. But ordinary healthcare does not have a really good explanation or solution for that. The most common explanation you get is that the patient is too old. But how can you be too old when you are around 30 years old? By studying several hundred cases, we have seen a connection between AMH value and the underlying cause.

Low AMH at 30 years of age

What we have observed is that low AMH in their 30s tend to affect women who have been through some emotional, these women tend to also have sensitive stomachs.

Chinese medicine explains it as qi blockages in the stomach and liver meridian. It usually manifests itself in the form of symptoms such as anxiety and depression and irritation, hot flashes and sweating. Many women who find themselves in this situation have been through some dramatic event or trauma.

Another reason for low AMH value at the age of 30 is because you have weak stomach and intestinal systems, ie those who have IBS or IBS-like symptoms. A symptom that almost everyone has is loose in the stomach. When you are constantly loose in the stomach, you get poorer nutrient uptake, which eventually weakens our bodies and eventually also the fertility system, which is controlled by the renal meridian. 

Low AMH at age 40

What we have observed is that low AMH at the age of 40 is caused by not only age but also various of emotional factor plays a role. On the emotional level, anxiety is usually the main cause. Women are worried about that their chance of becoming mother diminishes.

The anxiety creates blockages of the liver meridian and age gives weakness in the renal meridian, which together gives AMH value that is lower than the average for their age. 

Increase your AMH value

Chinese medicine increases AMH value by rebalancing the body and removing blockages. When the body is in balance, the mental and psychological state will become stable and fertility hormones return to their natural level. For older women we help them to strengthen the renal meridian so that their hormones can became stronger. 

Re-balance your hormones

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