Hormonal imbalance and IVF failure

Why IVF fails despite using strong hormones

Low in fertility hormones

A lot of our infertility patients often get diagnoses like low AMH, high FSH, which basically all indicats that fertility is weak. However the hospital doesn't really have good solution besides IVF. The most common explaination is the patient is too old. But how can one be too old when they are in their mid 30th? Since there is no good cure in Western medicine for this kind of situations many women become frastrated and anxious.

What are the hormones and how they are regulated?

The Endocrine system is the control system in the body. It sends out signals (hormones) to the body and tells the different parts of the body what to do. It also collects signals from the body to tell the control system what is going on out there, so that the hormone levels can adjust correctly.

This huge information system is controlled autonomously by the body, however it can be affected by us, through our emotions and our lifestyle (Also our genetics).

In terms of fertility hormones, they get down regulated when our body is weak and/or we are mentally under pressure. By the simple fact that evolution has built us in this way, to optimize our survival. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on our body. It is not good to fall pregnant when it is too weak and when circumstances do not permit it. The way our body perceives the environment, is through or emotions and moods. Therefore we can also regulate our hormones through our moods.

Rebalance of the hormons

In Western medicine, the way to re-balance the hormones is to give artificial hormones that the body doesn't produce enough of naturally.

In Chinese medicine, the way to re-balance the hormones is to improve the bodies general health and condition. When a person's body is truly optimal, the mental and psychological condition will become stable and fertility hormones will return to their natural level. In this state, there is really no reason why a woman will not be able to conceive a child.

For those women with weak general condition and/or mentally instability, even when IVF pumps them with high fertility hormones, they will have high chances of failure.The body is too weak to perform according to the command of these hormones.

Of course our hormone level depends on our age, however, biologically, one can be a 40 year old but have a biological age of a 35 year old. One can be 40 and have a biological age of a 50 year old. It all comes down to how well we have taken care of our body and mind. By improving our body and mind we can definitly become younger and age better.

Re-balance your hormones

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